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Blessed with a heavenly voice, Ellis could sing before she could talk. She fell in love with music through the many bedtime guitar tunes her dad would play for her and her sisters and their endless rehearsing of Sound Of Music songs.

Encouraged by her parents, who noticed and cherished her wonderful gift for music, she enrolled herself at the Academy of Music as early on as was allowed. At the tender age of 10 she was already playing the flute, the piano and the violin. It was her passion for singing that inspired her to also take up classical singing classes.

For nine years, Ellis would build on her talent and improve her technique under the watchful eye of her brilliant tutor and mentor B. De Kegel, who helped her discover and develop her own voice and unique sound. The strong Italian Bel Canto technique would prove to be a guarantee for high quality performances of powerful as well as moving melodies.

Throughout the years Ellis started to experiment with easy listening and acoustic pop. The new freedom she found in putting her own spin on things was deliberating and exciting. Her instrumental of Sia's Titanium alone has earned over 29MIO views to this day. By popular demand, Ellis started performing as a solo artist at private and company events. She lent her voice to several television and film productions (Katarakt, De President, The Spiral, Brabançonne, ...), was voted one of the Best Off summer performances at Belgian’s radio station MNM and sang as a guest on the local television station ATV. She returned to national radio several times as a Young Talent, had the opportunity to perform in front of the queen and be part of the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the Special Olympics in Palais 12 and the Antwerp Sportpaleis.


With the release of her debut album, Ellis kicks off a new journey to realise a long held dream: to establish herself as an artist with her own voice and unique sound. 

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