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Talent is scarce and precious. Let's combine our talents and create something even bigger!


Nothing more powerful than your voice and enthusiasm. Share the album with friends and family live or via social media, organise a garden concert, join us for the live CD release or come up with your own initiative! Share your most brilliant and crazy ideas via instagram @ellisgracewilson or mail to



Looking for creative collaborations with photographers, videographers, MUAH,

musical and social media talent.


For everyone who:

  • enjoys the album on streaming platforms and wants to show some love

  • has always enjoyed my music and is curious to find out what more can come of my original work (high five!)

Your money will be used:

  • to turn the EP into a full album. 

  • to facilitate more creative collaborations. 

  • to organise exclusive live performances to which you will get priority access (sign up here to stay tuned)

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